45 freelance Translator Opportunity in Omer Translation Company

Omer Translation Company 45 freelance written translators of various fields

Job Description

Produce a 100% accurate translation of English text to Dari/Pashto and Dari/Pashto text to English;

Ensure English and Dari/Pashto language excellence and proofreading, including excellent vocabulary, syntax, expression and grammar as well as all relevant terminology;

Translation of various documents, specifically those related to medical and pharmacy fields


Job Requirements

  • University Degree in any field
  • 5 to 7 years of experience
  • Excellent knowledge of English and Dari/Pashto
  • Proven experience in English, Dari and/or Pashto literature and or writing;
  • Ensured electronic communication mechanism and facilities
  • test will be conducted before issuance of a contract


Submission information

Send your resume, your application letter, including your expected remuneration, three professional referees and day time Skype contacts to:omerliwal@gmail.com



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